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What is it about college students at sporting events?

Are they physically incapable of just sitting back and actually enjoying the game?

Davidson selfie bruh is amazing. #LetsGoVCU #RamNation

We pose these questions in light of a few sorority members from Arizona State University getting rightfully roasted in October for turning a baseball stadium into their personal selfie studio.

And now we ask them again because some dude was just caught at the VCU-Davidson basketball game, clad in an open Hawaiian shirt and VERY focused on one thing and one thing only:

The perfect selfie.

Watch above as he slicks his hair back and tries to give the camera the perfect Kim Kardashian stare; serious, seductive, brooding and mysterious, all at the same time.

“Davidson selfie bruh is amazing,” captured the intrepid viewer who caught this nameless attendee on his screen and, of course, turned him into a viral sensation.

Look at that lean back!

Admire that eye brow raise!

Bask in that exposed skin!

We feel as if Kylie Jenner and most of the selfie-obessed celebrities featured below would admire the guy’s effort.

Never change, selfie bruh. Never, ever change.