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According to a recent repot, Blac Chyna just wants attention.

If that’s true, then Rob Kardashian knew exactly what to get his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

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The large-breasted Z-Lister shared multiple social media posts on Sunday, each one bragging about the gifts that a certain someone bestowed upon her for Hallmark’s favorite day of the year.

First, Blac Chyna took to Instagram with a vase of a dozen roses (above), writing as a caption to this image:

"Happy Valentine’s Day."

Simple enough, right?

How do we know the flowers were sent from Rob?

First, she tagged Kardashian in the photo.

Next, she shared footage of a gigantic, personalized painting, writing as an affiliated message:

"Look at this really nice painting my babe got for me? If you look really close, it’s actually lyrics to our song.  Happy Valentine’s Day Rob!"

To top everything all off, meanwhile, Rob then went to Snapchat and posted a quick glimpse of his controversial girlfriend as she blew a kiss into the camera.

A Valentine’s filter was included and here’s a look at a still image from the brief video:

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Much to the major chagrin of Kylie Jenner (who is dating Chyna’s baby daddy, Tyga) and company, Rob has been dating Chyna for several weeks now.

There has even been a diamond ring flaunted and talk of a Chyna-Kardashian engagement, though neither side has confirmed this rumor.

"She makes him feel really good and sexy," the source tells E! News of Blac Chyna and Rob. "She gives him a lot of sexual attention."

That may be the grossest thing we’ve ever heard in our entire lives.