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Blac Chyna is not known for her subtlety.

The model and former exotic dancer likes to flaunt her most ample assets on Instagram to remind us all that she got it goin’ ON.

But who is Blac Chyna, really?

Well, lately she’s been known for her involvement with Rob Kardashian, which sent eyebrows a-raising since she’s been in an ongoing feud with Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner for several months.

You see, Blac is the ex and baby mama of Tyga, Kylie’s boyfriend.

Blac was none too happy when Kyga became a thing – see our anthology of the Kylie Jenner-Blac Chyna feud – and we can’t blame her, since Kylie was only 17 at the time while Tyga was 25. 

She also happens to be Amber Rose’s BFF and has a line of false eyelashes and an eyelash bar in LA.

But when she’s not doing that, she enjoys mocking Instagram’s censors by showing as much as she can of her bodaciously booty-ful body.