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On The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 1 Episode 4, Katie was left reeling from the news that Andrew doesn’t want to get married.

Any time soon, or perhaps even at all. Jarring.

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Truly, this was a devastating pill to swallow.

Crushing. You think you know someone.

How did she respond? What did she say?

More broadly, what will the future hold now that she’s been forced to reconcile with such an unexpected, but unavoidable obstacle?

Charrisse, meanwhile, also had a storyline involving marriage … as she told her friends the shocking truth behind her 18-year union.

You’re literally not going to believe this one.

With her daughter about to depart for college, Karen, perhaps motivated by midlife crises to a degree, learned how to fly an airplane.

Could do worse as far as hobbies go.

And finally, lest we forget that Potomac is all about etiquette, Ashley violated the rules HARD by spreading gossip about the women.

ONLINE! We love celebrity gossip like no other, but how do you not think your friends are going to find out and be furious with you…

Anyway, watch The Real Housewives of Potomac online to see the drama unfold on all of these fronts and more from start to finish.