Amber Portwood's Fiance is a "Good Conman," Says His Ex

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Gary Shirley was right to be suspicious of Amber Portwood's fiance, Matt Baier, because the dude is sketchy.

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Baier, 44, has actually fathered at least eight children, and is being taken to court on March 22nd by each and every mom for unpaid child support.

One of the mothers is Baier's ex-fiance, Kelly, who recently revealed all sorts of details about their relationship to The Ashley.

"He gets into your head, he’s a good conman,” Kelly said.

“I thought he was the one for me, that we belonged together. He has this way of making you think that everyone else is crazy. [And] He loves you like no one else.”

Kelly and Matt met at work in 2007, started dating, and then,"within a month he had moved in,” she recalled.

Shortly after, Baier proposed to Kelly pretty much the same way he did with Amber.

“The speech he gave before proposing to Amber was almost verbatim to what he told me when he asked me to marry him," Kelly explained, adding that he wanted to knock her up right away.

Kelly was hesitant, and wanted to wait until after the wedding to try and have kids, but Baier "was really pressing to have a baby.” 

Sooner after, Kelly was pregnant.  And Baier went bye bye.

“I found out I was pregnant in September and by October, Matt was GONE!”

Kelly, who had no idea Baier fathered so many other children, kept in touch, just assuming he was freaked out that everything was moving so fast (even though it was all at his insistence).

Kelly gave birth to a daughter, but Matt didn't meet her until she was a month old.  He even had the balls to introduce himself as "her sperm donor," Kelly said.

Matt disappeared again until their daughter was two, at which time he came crawling back, "begging for forgiveness." 

The threesome took a trip, which Kelly hoped would connect Matt with his daughter, but he admitted he "didn't feel anything" for the child.  

So, the two never spoke again, and Kelly moved on with her life, while Matt met another woman and fathered yet another kid.

Now married, Kelly told the site she was watching Teen Mom OG, her "guilty pleasure," when she saw Baier on the show.

“It was surreal,” she said. “When I saw him on there I almost died.” 

Kelly watched his relationship with Amber unfold, noticing a lot of similarities.

“He didn’t do the shady stuff all at once, this is trickling in for her," Kelly explained.

“When you’re with him, you don’t see the red flags. It wasn’t until afterward that I saw everything and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it before.” 

“My advice to Amber would be to RUN! Don’t get pregnant, that’s the big thing,” Kelly warned.

On a January 18th after-show, Portwood admitted to getting cold feet before her October nuptials to Baier.  

“It wasn’t cold feet about the wedding," Baier told OK! after.

"It wasn’t about not wanting to get married ... it was that it’s now coming up so soon and that she just got very, ‘OMG, I can’t believe I’m actually getting married because I never thought I would.’”

"Everything is great!" he added.

My God, Amber Portwood. RUN.

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