Amber Portwood: Matt Baier EVICTED for Bailing on Rent Just Before Moving in With Her!

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And the hits just keep on coming.

Over the past few weeks, we've learned that Amber Portwood's fiance Matt Baier has a surprise total of eight children with six different women AND owes them all thousands of dollars in child support.

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Now, we discover that the deadbeat dad was evicted from his home in Massachusetts just before he moved to Indiana to be with Amber.

And why did the landlord kick him out? You guessed it - because he didn't pay the rent.

In September of 2014, the South Winds Apartments in Fall River slapped Baier with a notice to vacate the premises for failure to pay two months' rent, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online.

He ignored the warning and was scheduled to appear in a court hearing on the matter. Naturally, he blew it off and was ordered to pay the management company $1,515.79 in a default judgment. 

And surprise, surprise! That's just about the same time he moved into Amber's home in Indianapolis.

How convenient.

And here's a weird-n-creepy twist. It seems that Baier tried to nab himself a different Teen Mom earlier that year.

He had tweeted Farrah Abraham multiple times, telling her she was beautiful and even asking her out on a date. Farrah ignored him, and he began tweeting obsessively about Jenelle Evans.

Eventually, he moved on to Amber, and she was the sucker that fell for the guy. 

To the naked eye, it would seem as though he figured a Teen Mom would make an excellent meal ticket.

Baier's ex-fiance and baby mama #6, Kelli Maguire Nunn, described him as "a good conman." We also know he's an ex-con with an extensive rap sheet.

Amber has defended her fiance numerous times, but come on. It doesn't take a genius to see that this guy is the WORST.

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