Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Getting Lei'd and Lied to in Hawaii

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Monday on Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 12, The SUR crew took a trip to Hawaii in order to celebrate Jax and Tom's birthdays.

'Cause these folks totes need a vacation from their stressful "real" lives predicated on partying all the time in a warm, sunny environment.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know this Hawaii trip was, like, a big deal though. So many different sub-plots going on!

Perhaps most notably, though, was the fact that Jax's girlfriend Brittany called him out for his obvious efforts to try and bone Lala Kent.

Even Lala said Jax wants to f--k Lala. Jax, of course, denied it.

“Own up to s--t you said in my ear!” Lala told her co-worker.

“You said," Kent recalled, "'I promise, I’m going to f--k you.'" 

Jax's response, as if he truly believes it: “I never said that."

“You are a good liar, because you did say that,” she said.

If there's anyone so stupid as to not remember that he's on a reality show and being filmed while lying 24/7, it would be Jax Taylor.

In any case, if Brittany somehow bought it then ... she's probably not buying it after seeing Vanderpump Rules Season 4 on Bravo.

Just because a smoking hot girl takes off her top in front of him while hiking doesn't mean Jax was into her, right? Come on, Brittany!

Fresh off her proposal from Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney wasn't pleased with Lala for getting topless in front of her fiance, either.

Still, Jax was the one accused of wanting to cheat with her.

As for why Scheana Marie is somehow Team Jittany and trying to help back up his ridiculous lies and covered for him ... we got nothing.

To hear Mrs. Shay tell it, basically, she really likes Brittany and doesn't want to ruin her relationship with Jax. Again ... we got nothing.

Wasn't she the one who told Brittany about Lala and Jax flirting in the first place? We honestly can't figure out what the deal is here.

Maybe Scheana just enjoys being in on some drama that doesn't involve her directly for once? In any case, she's Jax's lying wing-woman.

There were other developments this week, of course, like Tom Schwartz taking a naked pic of himself to compete with Justin Bieber.

Hasn't everyone had that life aspiration at one point?

Also, Scheana texted Ariana Madix's s mom and bashed Tom, which Sandoval didn't care for and Scheana didn’t care about.

Again, Scheana with the pointless pot-stirring. Just you wait until Stassi comes back in full force ... should be some really good fights:

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