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If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, then you know that the arrival of a new staff member has really shaken things up at SUR this season.

Lala Kent is the new hostess/aspiring model that all the single dudes are aggressively trying to bang.

As we know from Lala’s Instagram page, [SPOILER ALERT] she eventually winds up with resident DJ/mega-douche James Kennedy.

But before she makes that epically bad decision, Lala tries on some other mistakes for size.

In the following preview for tonight’s episode, we see the SUR staff in the midst of their annual LA pride parade celebration, and Jax Taylor seems particularly, um…pumped. (Read: He’s done all the cocaine. All of it.)

Weirdly, Lala is into the crazed, sweat-soaked maniac vibe that Jax is giving off, and she approaches him after making the necessary breast adjustments.

"This is not a restaurant," Jax explains, presumably showering her with spittle. "This is a smorgasbord of people, like, having fun and doing bad things."

Apparently lunatic ramblings get Lala’s motor running because she proceeds to ask Jax out on a date.

Obviously, Jax accepts, and then proudly proclaims, "I’m gonna f–k her!" because chivalry will never die at SUR.

Of course, knowing what we know about Lala’s current love life, we can assume that Jax either horribly screws up the date, or that he’s successful in his mission to bang Lala, which probably leads to some pretty icy relations with James later in the season.

Either way, it should make some pretty enjoyable viewing!