Ben Hanisch: I Love Amy Schumer So Much!

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It's official:

We're no longer the only ones in love with Amy Schumer.

Ben Hanisch and Amy Schumer

Just a few weeks after being introduced to the world as the comedian's boyfriend, Ben Hanisch has used social media to express his extreme affection for the huge star.

"One more from last night because this girl looked insanely gorgeous and I'm in love with her," Hanisch captioned the above photo, which he shared on Instagram and which features the couple at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday.

Continuing her incredible run, Schumer was awarded the MVP trophy at the event.

Schumer told the world about Hanisch, a 29-year old furniture maker from Chicago, via Instagram last month.

She has not been shy since about making the serious nature of both their relationship and her feelings very clear to the world.

"We're in love and it's really exciting," Schumer told People Magazine earlier this month.

"I've never been dating anyone that the public's really known about. But I like that everyone thinks I've been single my whole life.

"They're like, 'She got her first boyfriend!' and I'm like 'No, I've dated people over the years."

But never like this, apparently.

The Trainwreck actress is currently on tour, but she posted an Instagram image herself on Monday:

Amy Schumer and Company

"Missing these people on the road," she penned as a caption to the black and white group photo in which Hanisch stands next to her and holds her hand.

So. Very. Cute.

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