Teresa Giudice Talks Strip Searches & Girl-on-Girl Inmate Action in New Memoir

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From the moment she was sentenced to 15 months in prison for bankruptcy fraud, it was widely assumed that Teresa Giudice would release a lurid tell-all about her time behind bars.

Teresa Giudice the Felon

As it turns out, Teresa's memoir is finished and ready to hit stores months earlier than anyone expected.

The reason, it seems, is that Teresa worked at a furious pace while she was locked up.

According to Radar Online, one source who has read the book and is familiar with the circumstances behind its publication says Teresa pounded out pages under tremendously difficult conditions:

"There were concerns inmates would try and steal the book as it was being written," the source said, adding that Teresa would write 20 or 30 pages at a time and then pass the book off to her lawyer for safekeeping.

The insider says that in the book - entitled Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again - Teresa reveals that the most humiliating part of her prison experience was the routine strip searches that she was subjected to as an inmate:

"The first strip search had Teresa completely rattled. It was humiliating" the source said.

"The prison staff were professionals, and did it very quickly. But after each visit with the family, Teresa would have to go through the process all over again.

"It became routine in the end, and she understood the staff were just doing their job. That's covered in the book."

Teresa also goes into detail regarding the love lives of her fellow prisoners:

"Teresa was stunned at the prison romances between the women," the insider says.

"Obviously, Teresa didn't hook up with anyone. There were some interested vibes that Teresa got from a couple of the ladies, but Teresa just ignored it."

Of course, there were dark, lonely moments during her almost 12 months behind bars, and the insider says Teresa delves into her emotional struggle with surprising candor:

"During the first two weeks, Teresa cried every night," the source says. "There were moments she didn't know if she was going to make it for almost an entire year.

"Visits from the family and Teresa's faith got her through the darkest times."

Teresa's book will be available in stores and online Februrary 9.

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