Scott Disick: Back to Boozing?!

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It's been two months since Scott Disick finished rehab, and while he's made several attempts at sobriety in the past, insiders reported that the 32-year-old seemed genuinely committed to staying off the sauce this time.

Douchelord Disick

Unfortunately, Scott's life has been loaded with drama and setbacks in recent weeks, and Radar Online is now reporting that family and friends are worried the stress will cause Disick to fall off the wagon.

"The family all believes that he is headed for another relapse. His behavior lately is incredibly defiant," says one insider.

"Scott should not be going out to clubs and bars. It is just a matter of time now."

It's true that Disick has been doing club appearances again, but at first, his loved ones believed him when he claimed that it was just a source of income.

Now, the fact that Disick has stopped attending AA meetings has his inner circle concerned that he's planning to jump back into the hard-partying lifestyle he left behind:

"Scott has not been to his outpatient rehab appointments at all this week," says one insider.

It seems a big part of the problem is that Scott has finally realized that he won't be able to win Kourtney Kardashian back any time soon.

"He is starting to finally realize that there is no getting her back and is really having the case of the f-ck its," says the source.

There's a good chance that Scott's recent behavior will jeopardize his relationship with his children, but the father of three is reportedly unconcerned:

"Of course his behavior is endangering his custody right now. But at this point, he does not even seem to care," says the insider.

"Whenever Kourtney tries to give him sh*t, he just brings up the fact that she is out partying all the time too."

It's worth pointing out that the big difference there is that Kourtney isn't a known alcoholic, whereas Scott has nearly killed himself with booze on multiple occasions. Details.

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