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Earlier this month, there was a minor controversy when Jennifer Lawrence described herself as a “slutty power lesbian.” (“Minor Controversy” is pretty much J-Law’s middle name these days.)

Obviously, Lawrence was joking around, which we know not only from the context of the quote, but also from the fact that she continues to be linked to some of Hollywood’s most lusted-after dudes.

The latest rumors surrounding Jen’s love life have her dating Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

“It’s very new,” a source tells Life & Style. “They just started seeing each other a couple of weeks ago. Only their closest friends know.

“They’ve only gone on two dates so far, but they have been texting each other and talking on the phone. They even had a pizza and movie date at Jen’s place.”

The insider adds that the really ridiculously good-looking couple was set up by a couple of their A-list pals.

Evans and Chris Pratt became friends when they (jokingly) clashed over the outcome of last year’s Super Bowl.

Pratt stars with Lawrence in the upcoming film Passengers, and he reportedly encouraged the two to hook up.

But Pratt wasn’t the old big name involved in this easy-on-the-eyes pairing.

The source says it was Lawrence’s BFF Amy Schumer also played a role by pressuring her friend to make the first move:

“Amy had actually been pushing Jen to date him, telling her how hot Chris is and how crazy she’d be if she didn’t go for it,” says the insider.

The relationship is reportedly casual, and these two might part ways before we even know if the rumors are true, but the important thing here is that even Jennifer Lawrence gets nervous when it’s time to seal the deal.

Remember that the next time you’re beating up on yourself for a crisis of self-esteem.