Scott Disick: OUT of Rehab After Only 30 Days!

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Scott Disick has already left rehab after a modest 30-day stay, peacing out of the Malibu, Calif., facility he called home for the past month.

We'll just put it out there because we know you're all thinking it but won't say it out loud: When (not if) and how will he fall off the wagon?!

Scott Disick Leaves Rehab

Tuesday, the 32-year-old father of Kourtney Kardashian‘s three kids posted this photo to Instagram, showing of himself boarding a private jet.

The caption: “Private aviation is my motivation.” Lord.

How do friends and family feel about his departure?

Says one pal close to the hard-partying Disick: “Scott did the thirty days inpatient like he said that he would, and that is definite progress.”

"He is going to finish outpatient treatment," the friend cautions, "like he is required to do if he wants to obtain joint custody of his children.”

Actions speak louder than words as the saying goes.

After Disick went on an epic drug- and alcohol-fueled bender and cheated on Kourtney with Chloe Bartoli this summer, he got dumped.

Then he was given an ultimatum by the Kardashians.

According to insiders, the family told Disick that unless he did as they said with regards to rehab, there would be no kids in his future:

“Kris and Kourtney set the terms that he is to stay in treatment for a total of 90 days, with the option to do outpatient after one month."

Really? They think it's going to take after a month?

We reported yesterday about Kourtney and Scott in secret counseling, so perhaps they're in a better place than we know (or believe).

Call us skeptical, but Disick bailed on rehab facilities in Miami, Connecticut, The Hamptons and Costa Rica and Mexico in the past.

As recently as March, he left for a hilarious reason and then used the "still working on myself" line, only to go even more berzerk.

Here's hoping for the best and all, but ...

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