Scott Disick: STILL Trying to Win Kourtney Kardashian Back From Rehab?!

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Scott Disick is yet again seeking treatment for his alcohol addiction, and for the first time, he seems to be taking the process seriously.

Scott Disick on the Red Carpet

Disick has ditched rehab five times in the past, but his current stint is entering its fourth week, and sources say the Lord is genuinely serious about getting sober this time.

And apparently, he's also serious about making things right with Kourtney Kardashian.

First there were reports of Disick calling Kourtney and begging her to take him back. Now, Radar Online is reporting that Scott recently wrote Kourtney a letter that has her seriously thinking about giving him another chance.

“Kourtney cried her heart out when she read [the letter],” an insider told the website. “It had everything in it that she needed to hear and it really came from his heart.

“He talked about how patient she’s been, how he’s hurt her and knows he doesn’t remember half of it, and how that also hurts, how the only time he’s ever been happy has been with her and the kids, how much he loves her and wants to marry her."

Unfortunately, it may be a case of too little, too late, and not only because Disick put Kourtney through nearly a decade of hell before sobering up and deciding he wants to put a ring on it.

Kourtney has been spotted on dates with Chris Reda, a longtime friend of Scott's. Insiders say they're not serious yet, but Kourtney has been doing her best to move on.

Of course, she's forgiven Scott for an awful lot in the past, so we wouldn't rule out the possibility of another reconciliation.

“It’s going to be very hard for her to resist taking him back when he comes out, especially with all the love-in going on with Khloe and Lamar right now," says the source. "But Kourtney’s vowed it will only happen after he’s proven he’s really fixed his ways.”

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