Taylor Swift "Out of the Woods" Music Video

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Taylor Swift didn't take very long to stake her claim to 2016.

The solo superstar dropped her latest music video as part of New Year's Rockin Eve on ABC, giving fans their very first look at "Out of the Woods" just an hour or so before the ball dropped in Times Square.

The track, co-written by Jack Antonoff, appears to be one of several songs on the album “1989” about the singer’s failed relationship with Harry Styles.

The lyrics are comprised of multiple allusions to their romance, including a mention of an accident they were in together.

Directed by Joseph Kahn (who was also behind the camera for Swift's "Blank Space," "Bad Blood" and "Wildest Dreams" videos), this footage features Taylor running through some kind of enchanted forest while being chased by a pack of wolves who gnaw at her dress while she tries to escape.

But then Swift finds herself on top of a snowy mountain... underwater... in a desert... and crawling through mud in the middle of a lightning storm.

At the conclusion of the video, she finds a beach, where another version of her is waiting by the shore.

Go ahead and interpret this however you'd like.

Just prepare to see the video everywhere and hear the song non-stop for the next several months or so.

What do you think?

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