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Cheebs is over it.

Jonathan Cheban Films In Celebrity Big Brother's Diary Room
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Today, Jonathan Cheban’s "team" confirmed via Twitter that the marginally-famous reality star left Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Kim Kardashian’s best friend complained of feeling "edgy" and "claustraophobic" in the Real World-style house, where he competed against other quasi-famous contestants to win some nonexistent crown.

On Saturday night’s episode, an anxious Cheban asked to speak to producers, then spent an hour by himself in the diary/confessional room.  After he emerged, the aspiring reality star told the others he’d give the show one more night.

"I’m definitely a little bit torn on whether to stay," Cheban, 41, admitted.

"There’s a point when my mental stability is more important that entertaining.  I know Big Brother would not want me in pain, especially when I give 24-hour entertainment." 

After Cheban came out of the diary room, Gemma Collins insisted he stay, since it would do wonders for his career in Great Britain.

"It’s not that, I’m huge here," Cheban assured her.  "We’re on in 180 countries!"

Who’s we, Kemo Sabe?

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Things didn’t improve for Cheebs, though.

"I feel like it’s closing in, there’s no room to hide so until I get out of here I’m not going to be calm," he whined.

"It’s becoming impossible, I can’t sit still, my heart is tight and racing all the time now. I can’t even enjoy it, the fun masks it and now we’re done with the day. I’m so anxious I’m going to have a heart attack."

So, today the guy who wants to be a star left CBB, safe in his knowledge that he is already a big deal.

Jonathan Cheban Confirms Celebrity Big Brother Departure

Several reports claim that Cheban was wooed by producers, who sent a private plane for his spoiled ass and heeded his demands for expensive meals and a Rolls Royce to drop him off at the house.

Cheban’s grand exit will take place on January 12th episode.

Also in the house this season is David Bowie’s ex-wife, Angie, who opted to remain on the show after learning of the singer’s passing.