Leonardo DiCaprio: FORCED to Apologize to Lady Gaga For Golden Globes Diss?!

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Whether you watched the 2016 Golden Globes ceremony last night, or just caught the highlights online this morning, there's likely one moment that made you laugh a hell of a lot more than Best Comedy winner, The Martian.

Yes, we're talking about Lady Gaga bumping into Leonardo DiCaprio on her way to accept the prize for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio Reacts to Lady Gaga

Leo dismissed the speculation about his over-the-shoulder glance during a post-show press conference, telling reporters, "I just didn't know what was passing me."

Now, Radar Online is reporting that the WTF? look that Leo shot Gaga as she walked past him was not just a moment of confusion, but was instead one of many acts of passive-aggressive hostility that took place that night. 

“Leonardo was talking sh-t about her even before the show started because he did not think she deserved to be nominated,” says an insider close to the situation. “It got back to her obviously.”

The source states that he believes Gaga intentionally bumped into Leo in order to send him a subtle message about his behavior:

"She would have ignored it, but when her name was announced as the winner, Leo was laughing so loud that people far away from his table heard it. He was making a total scene."

Apparently that scene didn't go unnoticed by Gaga's fiance, Taylor Kinney:

“Taylor was not going to let anyone make fun of his future wife, even if they are an A-list actor,” says the source. “It was her moment to shine and she worked very hard for that award.

“He basically told him in a non-confrontational sort of way that he should apologize to her because it was flat out rude and extremely unprofessional."

The insider adds that DiCaprio reluctantly apologized and offered his congrats in order to avoid a scene.

We're not sure how much of this story we believe, but if it's true, they should really make a movie based on this year's Golden Globes. 

It would totally sweep next year's Golden Globes.

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