David Bowie: Mourned, Remembered by Stars in Hollywood

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Following a brave battle with cancer, David Bowie died on Sunday night, January 10, 2016.

In the wake of the legendary's artist's passing, a number of celebrities from across all industries have taken to social media in order to mourn Bowie.

All this time later, here's a look at what they said:

1. Ricky Gervais

I just lost a hero. RIP David Bowie.

2. Russell Crowe

RIP David . I loved your music. I loved you. One of the greatest performance artists to have ever lived. #sorrow

3. Sophia Bush

Deeply saddened to hear of David Bowie's passing. What an artist, an inspiration. I'd like to think the lights shone bright for him tonight

4. Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth
I'm floating in a most peculiar way the stars look very different today... Oh, different colored-eyed companion, #RIP brilliant one.

5. Wilmer Valderrama

So sad.. #DavidBowie was & will always be ART that lives on forever.. Fearless & unapologetic.. #RIPDavidBowie

6. Olivia Munn

Rest in peace David Bowie.

7. Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman
Deeply saddened. We've lost one of the greatest artists that's ever lived. My love for all you've created is immeasurable. RIP David Bowie.

8. Paul Feig

Paul Feig
Absolutely devastated by the death of Bowie. Cannot process this. At this point, the world makes no sense. RIP David. You were a genius.

9. Sherri Shepherd

What a wonderful love. You fought hard. Rest now #DavidBowie - prayers for your dear wife…

10. Jared Followill

Jared Followill
RIP David Bowie. One of the all time greats. Your influence will never die

11. Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings
David Bowie has been my musical north star my entire life. This hurts even more for people close to me. He will NEVER be surpassed, never.

12. Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo
Rip Father of all us freaks. Sad sad day.

13. Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan
Such shocking, awful news. RIP David Bowie.

14. Linda Perry

Linda Perry
Oh this is terrible news. We lost an extremely important and influential artist. David Bowie has been a huge inspiration and will be missed.

15. Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong
Time may change me. But I can't trace time. #RIPDavidBowie.

16. Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson
My heart is broken. We've lost one of the greatest. Godspeed sir.

17. Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia
RIP #David Bowie, my love to Iman. He was a legend in music , fashion and a true inspiration.

18. Thomas Sadoski

Thomas Sadoski
From stardust we are born. And to stardust we return. Thank you, David.

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R.I.P., David Bowie
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