Grey's Anatomy Promo: Will Meredith Die?!?!?!?!?

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Grey's Anatomy has been on an extended hiatus.

Based on the following trailer, however, it's clear that Shonda Rhimes is intent on making the wait for her show's February 11th return worthwhile.

Because when Grey's Anatomy Season 12 finally returns with a new episode next month, viewers may witness the death of Meredith Grey.

Okay, this may be an exaggeration.

But the drama's main heroine will clearly be in a lot of trouble after a patient attacks her in the hospital.

Via the traumatic video above, we see Meredith get hurled across a bed and then we see Meredith's head get smashed through a glass window.

Penny rushes to her side. Other doctors gather around.

The situation looks rather grim as silence then ensues.

Teases Kelly McCreary, who plays Mer’s half-sister Maggie:

“It is as terrifying and as shocking as you would expect for it to be. Get ready to have your guts feel like they’re coming out of you, because it is truly harrowing.”

In case you needed another reason to watch Grey's Anatomy online or on television in a few weeks, consider:

Denzel Washington actually directs the first new episode of 2016. Yes, that Denzel Washington!

Grey's Anatomy, of course, is known for airing one epic disaster after another; from a killer shooting up the hospital... to a plane crash killing multiple characters... to Meredith nearly drowning to death way back in Season 3.

We can't help but make fun of it sometimes.

But the series is on Season 12, is more or less guaranteed a Season 13 and Shonda is laughing (and killing) all the way to the bank.

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