Denise Richards: Charlie Sheen Trashed My House & Smeared Dog Crap on the Rugs!

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Another day, another tale of gentlemanly behavior from everyone's favorite tiger-blooded warlock from Mars.

Last week, we learned that Sheen had ex-wife Denise Richards and his two kids kicked out of the home that he'd promised she could live in rent free for life.

Of course, this is Charlie Sheen we're talking about, so he also threatened to cut off Richards' head and send it to her father.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Sheen's goons paid Denise a visit while she was still moving out of the home Chuckles had bought her.

As you might expect, they didn't come bearing housewarming presents for her new crib:

“Before I had completely vacated the Clerendon residence, Sheen’s representatives caused the locks to be broken and changed on two occasions, and removed my jewelry and several of the children’s clothes,” Richards claims in court documents obtained by Radar.

Apparently, before moving out, Richards installed wall-to-wall carpeting to make the place more attractive to perspective buyers. According to a source close to Denise, that plan backfired in a big way:

“Denise had carpet installed in several of the bedrooms that had hardwood flooring. She wanted the house to look perfect for prospective buyers,” the insider claims.

“But just weeks after the carpet was installed, someone tracked mud and dog feces all over it. This was in all of the bedrooms with the new carpet. It was obviously done with malice because no other rooms in the house suffered any damage.

“The carpet had to be taken out after it had just been installed. What a total waste of money. Whoever did it was just childish.”

Thus far, no one has explicitly blamed Sheen for the dog-doo escapade, but we're guessing the perpetrator starred in both Major League and Major League II.

That's right - we're looking at you, Tom Berenger!

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