Blac Chyna: Helping Rob Kardashian Lose Weight?

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As you've probably heard by now, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are hooking up.

Rob Kardashian in Sin City
Blac Chyna Tattoos

Lots of people aren't happy about this development, including Rob's sister Kylie Jenner, who's been feuding with Blac for years.

Rob's friends reportedly believe that Blac is taking advantage of him in order to get back at Kylie for stealing her baby daddy, and there's a good chance they're right.

But despite everything we've heard, there might be more to this relationship than the desire for revenge and free publicity.

According to TMZ Blac has been a positive influence on Rob with regard to his health.

An insider claims the new couple has been working out together on a regular basis and Blac has even been counseling Rob on his diet.

Rob was diagnosed with diabetes last month, and he's reportedly finally taking his health seriously.

The Kard sisters may not be Blac's biggest fans but hopefully they can at least give her props for helping their brother out of a dire situation.

The source also says that while Blac and Rob basically went public with their relationship yesterday, they're "more playful than serious" and have decided not to rush right into a serious relationship.

Hey, we guess anything that helps Rob get back into shape can't be a bad thing.

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