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When three out of your four wives turn on you, things are bad.

Sister Wives Stars at 'The Nutcracker' Ballet in Las Vegas
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Amidst Meri Brown’s "catfish scandal," in which she was tricked into a false online affair, there is even more trouble for the stars of Sister Wives.

“It’s just not the loving polygamist marriage people see on TV," a source told In Touch of the family.

Meri is Kody’s first and original wife.  She granted Kody a divorce so that he could legally marry his newest, shiniest wife, Robyn and adopt her kids.

Kody has two other wives, Christine and Janelle.

A recording of Meri’s calls with her online "lover" revealed her disdain for Kody;  She was overheard complaining that "he just does whatever he feels like."

Insiders are convinced that Meri will leave Kody.

“This family has been torn apart,” the source said.

Kody allegedly fat-shames Christine, who admitted in 2011 that she weighed 222 pounds.  

His other insults include telling Christine and others that he was "repulsed" by her when they first met.

And then there’s Janelle, who just doesn’t give AF.

“They weren’t in love when they met and got married,” the source claims.

What’s worse, Kody is reportedly on the "prowl" for a "teenage fifth bride" to add to his polygamist family.