23 Biggest Douchebags on Reality TV

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Behold, the 23 biggest douchebags on reality TV, which is really saying something as this is a genre that has elevated the d-bag to a new echelon.

These days, the douche thrives like no other across so many networks and shows ... in order to stand out, you have to really raise (lower?) your game.

Bottom line: This is the cream of the crop, people ...

1. Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is one of the most frequent results if you run a Google image search on "reality TV douchebag." True story.

2. Jax Taylor

3. Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger, Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, sets up rich d-bags on dates for a living, yet none of the relationships actually work out, so that's awesome. In summation, she's bad at her job and her entire show seems more like a vanity project for her massive ego, so she makes the list.

4. Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt is, in a sense, the man all fame-grubbing reality TV douchebags of today are measured against. A trailblazing antagonist on The Hills, Pratt redefined the role of reality TV villain, eventually wearing out his welcome and blowing through $10 million with his constant scheming and publicity whoring before exiling himself to his parents' guest house with wife Heidi Montag.

5. Scott Disick

We thoroughly enjoyed Scott Disick's comic relief on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, but Lord D. exhibits some major d-bag qualities and then some. When you start choosing benders over your own family, that's a tad much.

6. Donald Trump

Donald Trump of The Apprentice fame is pretty much the personification of the term ... and that was before he began his epic quest for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. (UPDATE: He won.)

7. The Situation

Mike Sorrentino, a.k.a. The Situation from Jersey Shore, may be as full of himself as any man who has ever lived. So important was Sitch, in the mind of Sitch, that his nickname had a nickname and everything he did had to be an acronym or catch phrase. Many of which were hilarious, granted. But still ... total douche.

8. Dean McDermott

Dean McDermott has really entered the upper echelon of this category since his cheating ways have been exposed and recounted ad nauseam on True Tori.

9. Kris Jenner

Most people considered d-bags are male, but when you are universally disliked, obnoxious, full of yourself and synonymous with "Momager," well, you're in the club, Kris Jenner.

10. Adam Lind

Adam Lind of Teen Mom 2 is basically a terrible boyfriend, father, and human being in general who has tormented Chelsea Houska (and viewers) from the get-go on the MTV reality staple.

11. Juan Pablo Galavis

Definitely the biggest douche ever to be named The Bachelor, and one of the biggest in all of reality TV history.

12. Ryan Lochte

One word says it all: JEAH.

13. Slade Smiley

He mellowed out slightly in later seasons, and showed some signs of personal growth, but there was no one douchier than Slade Smiley during his early tenure on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

14. Hank Baskett

Hank Baskett never struck us as a douchebag, but as the new season of Kendra on Top has taught us, the dude has easily crossed that threshold. Who gets fondled over the shorts (or under?!) by a transsexual while trying to buy weed, then milks it for a year's worth of reality TV storylines?!

15. Jesse James

Nothing Jesse James did on Monster Garage was that bad, but off the set, he cheated on America's Sweetheart Sandra Bullock (and later Kat Von D) numerous times and has posed for several Nazi-themed photos. Good riddance.

16. Teresa Giudice

Teresa is another real-life villainess who proves that you don't need to be a man to be both a douche bag AND a felon. Teresa was despised by fans and castmates alike long before she was convicted of fraud, and now she has the pleasure of working her charm on a group of gals who know how to make shivs out of toothbrushes. Good f--king times in Danbury.

17. Guy Fieri

Come on. Just look at the man.

18. Tom Sandoval

19. Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida is such a douche that society decided he needed to be locked up for eight years to think about his douchey actions. Phaedra Parks' ex is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence for fraud, but we like to think the judge threw the book at him for 4 million counts of being a D-bag.

20. Adam Levine

There's a lot to like about Adam Levine, honestly. It's just that after five hours a week on TV and every freaking second on the radio, you start to focus more on the d-bag qualities just beneath (or on) the surface.


22. The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (Collectively)

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (sorry, #RichKids of Beverly Hills) is a show basically created around the fact that they are all douchebags. So take your pick of the crew.

23. Simon Cowell

We've saved the original reality douchebag for last. Simon is the ultimate D-bag, not because he crushed so many dreams during his eight seasons as a judge on American, but because he seemed to take so much pleasure in it.

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