Scott Disick: Trying to Hook Up With Selena Gomez?!

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As you've probably heard by now, Kourtney Kardashian is hooking up with Justin Bieber.

At first, it seemed impossible to believe but after weeks of rumors with no denial from either party, it seems that Kourtney really has welcomed a fourth child into her life. And naturally, no one is more upset about it than her baby daddy, Scot Disick:

Disick on Keeping Up

Sources say Scott has threatened Justin and screamed at Kourtney, but the unlikely couple just isn't bothered by the Lord's tantrums.

So naturally, as a 32-year-old father of three, Scott has decided to admit defeat, learn from his mistakes, and move on with his life.

Just kidding! 

Sources say the Douche Lord is doing everything in his power to get back at the Biebs - by attempting to bed Selena Gomez.

“Scott’s rolling out the red carpet to get Selena’s attention and he did so in the most grandiose way,” says one insider.

“He’s very resourceful and got her contact information and sent her beautiful gold-plated poinsettias and they were arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree.”

Even better, Scott is taking the opportunity to point a middle finger at Kourtney by making New Year's Eve plans with Selena.

You see, Scott's going to Vegas for New Year's to make a paid appearance at 1Oak. Considering that he just got out of rehab, Kourtney understandably thinks it's a terrible idea.

So when Scott saw an opportunity to doubly piss off his ex, he naturally felt the need to take it:

“He wrote [Selena] a note inviting her to join him at 1OAK in Vegas to bring in the New Year–and, if she wants, he’ll arrange a jet,” says one source.

Normally, that would be quite the baller move, but this is Selena Gomez we're talking about. Scott is almost certainly not her only private jet option on New Year's.

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