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The Kardashian Christmas card has most likely been shot and mailed at this point, but stories about Rob Kardashian demanding payment for his appearance are still on the interwebs.

Back in November, Life & Style reported that Rob demanded $250,000 to take part in the annual photo, but Kris Jenner gave him the nah-nah.

Now, Celebrity Dirty Laundry claims that Rob’s minimum ask is $50,000 (reasonable, given Kim’s fees), and Kris is trying to "keep her feud" with her son "quiet."

CDL also claims that things were fine between Rob and his family until Lamar Odom was hospitalized; Rob accused his mother of capitalizing on Lamar crisis by bringing a camera crew to the hospital.

Several reports allege that Rob didn’t spend Thanksgiving with his family, which Kris denied on Maria Menounos’ SiriusXM show December 1st.

According to Kris, Rob sat down to dinner at Khloe Kardashian’s home, but left afterwards to hang out with friends.  

The family photo that Kylie Jenner posted to Instagram that day happened after Rob was gone.

"He lives with Khloe, so he was around and then went over to a buddy’s house," Kris explained.

Rob has distanced himself from the family brand for the past few years, but his mother is hoping for the best.

"He’s doing alright, he’s doing his best," Kris told Menounos.  "He’s gonna be OK."