Kris Jenner: 11 Times The Kardashian Matriarch Was Fed Up With Her Kids

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When there are six children running around and making insane demands all the live-long day, sometimes a lady snaps.

So can you blame Kris Jenner for wanting to light up a cigarette and sip on wine after a long day of trying to book Kim Kardashian a $2500 rhotel oom?

You do you, Kris.  

1. Mom! Mom! Mom!

Mom! Mom! Mom!
And make sure your aim is good.

2. One Is Not Amused

One Is Not Amused
Where is the Chanel dress, Khloe?

3. Oh yeah?

Oh yeah?
Well, we're not too fond of you either, MOTHER.

4. Don't Touch It, Mom

Don't Touch It, Mom

5. Hanger Strikes

Hanger Strikes
Jeez, fine.

6. Now You've Done It

Now You've Done It
You've tested her patience.

7. Someone Has a Brilliant Idea

Someone Has a Brilliant Idea
Good one, Kim.

8. Khloe Does It Again

Khloe Does It Again
maybe take a walk around the block, Kris. You may take your wine.

9. #Family

Don't be afraid to be who you are around family. Just kidding. NEVER let them see the real you.

10. Thrilled

Legit over-the-moon.

11. Jenner OUT

Jenner OUT
Wicka wicka wicka!

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