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Charlie Sheen has been sued by a former flame.

But not for the reason you may think.

A few weeks ago, following Sheen’s HIV reveal, we reported that the actor may very well be subject to lawsuits by past sexual partners whose lives he may have endangered due to his very serious illness.

Sheen and Richards
(Getty Images)

According to TMZ, however, Brett Rossi is taking legal action against Sheen because she says he got her PREGNANT in March of 2014.

She then says Sheen flipped outer over the news, claiming Rossi would “give birth to a retarded child” and pressuring her to abort the fetus.

Rossi admits that she gave in and did so.

She also alleges that she had unprotected sexual intercourse with Sheen on at least five occasions prior to discovering HIV medication in his medicine cabinet.

But the couple then discussed the virus and agreed to have unprotected sex in order to be “normal.” A few months later, Rossi says she got pregnant.

Rossi is suing for unspecified punitive damages, while also detailing incidents of anger and violence on Sheen’s part throughout their relationship.

She claims he once tossed a cement pillar in her direction, for example, breaking a glass door as a result.

Marty Singer, Sheen’s lawyer, says his client plans to fight the charges against him and is confident the truth will be on his side.

Following weeks of rumors, Sheen told Matt Lauer in an interview on November 16 that he was diagnosed with the virus that leads to AIDS four years ago.

He has gone silent since, though it’s very unlikely this is the last time we hear about an ex-sexual partner filing a lawsuit against the star.