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Alleged Josh Duggar porn star mistress Danica Dillon reportedly claims they slept together, as was first reported several days ago.

They banged while his maligned wife, Anna, was pregnant no less.

Danica Dillon Selfie
(© Twitter/danicadillon)
Anna, Josh Duggar Photo

If you thought Josh Duggar’s dirty secrets were all out in the open, think again, because we’re guessing there are plenty more still to come out.

Danica Dillon is the first woman linked to Josh since he was outed as a devout Ashley Madison user last week, but we guarantee she won’t be the last.

The adult actress tells friends that the two of them got their freak on in a steamy affair that began after Josh “liked” her on his secret Facebook page.

Dillon says the true nature of their relationship is sordid and secret.

Said the source, “She claimed he reached out to her online. Without saying much, she hinted that there were even secret hotel sessions!”

Worst of all? The encounters took place when Anna was pregnant.

“Danica is hinting that there is a lot more than the public knows about what Josh has done,” the source said, quoting his alleged paramour.

“It’s possible he paid her for webcam sessions too. She’s saying that Anna should leave him now, before even worse stories come out!”

Josh used the email address joesmithsonnwa (at) gmail (dot) com to set up a fake Facebook account under the name “Joe Smithson.”

That was the same name and email he used to set up his Ashley Madison and OK Cupid accounts, where he used a random guy’s photo.

Seriously. He Googled "Random Guy" and ganked a pic.

On Facebook, he befriended roughly 30 porn stars, bartenders, lingerie models, and other hot young women behind his wife’s back.

He admitted signing up for the account last week, and so far wife Anna is standing by her man … for reasons unknown to humankind.

Here’s a list of reasons she needs to dump him ASAP: