Scott Disick: Doing Amazing in Rehab! Door Still Open with Kourtney Kardashian!

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Scott Disick is a changed man thanks to rehab, or so sources close to the reality star are claiming, and Kourtney Kardashian has taken notice.

He may even have a shot with her as a result.

Incredibly, despite all he's put her through and even after Scott Disick left rehab after just 30 days, Kourtney has not closed the door on a reconciliation.

In fairness to The Lord, he says the inpatient portion of his rehab program was the 30-day part, and he remains in treatment on an outpatient basis.

In fairness to us ... this is his sixth trip to rehab.

Regardless of how skeptical we are, Scott spent time with his children and some of the Kardashians Wednesday, and seemed like "a whole new him."

Disick, says a source quoted by TMZ, has been "amazing" since he entered rehab, and Kourtney might still be open to patching things up with him.

We're not talking next week or next month here.

It would take a long, long time to prove himself, given his history and his track record but Scott is still trying to win Kourtney back, and it's not over.

It's not clear if they're in secret couples counseling with the intention of working it out, as has been reported, or if she's just remaining open-minded.

Either way, it's a pretty surprising turnaround.

No matter what happens between them romantically, in the end, Disck drying out for good can only be good for their three young children.

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