Charlie Sheen: Supported HIV and AIDS Charities for Decades!

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This morning, Charlie Sheen confirmed he is HIV-positive during a bombshell interview with the Today Show’s host Matt Lauer.

Now that the actor has come forward with the truth that dozens of people have been hiding for him for years, a slew of information about Sheen is flooding the internet--including info about his long history supporting HIV and AIDS charities.

Charlie Sheen on The Tonight Show

Maybe it was his way of quietly asking the universe to protect him.  Maybe it is a coincidence.  Maybe it was just goodwill.  But the actor has been supporting HIV and AIDS charities for decades.

This is particularly ironic considering Sheen has openly admitted to sleeping with a horrific number of women (he claimed 5,000), including porn stars and prostitutes.

Though he has hidden his health condition from the public for a number of years, Radar Online reported that he has been a major advocate for HIV and AIDS charities for nearly 30 years.

Sheen befriended Indiana teenager Ryan White in 1987.  White eventually became a national spokesperson for AIDS awareness after he was infected with the disease from a blood transfusion for hemophilia.

At the time, HIV and AIDS endured a heavy, negative social stigma, which stunted efforts to raise awareness for the disease and support for a cure.

Sheen supported The Ryan White National Fund, which was the first nationwide organization devoted to combating the stereotype and prejudice against people with the incurable disease.

Twenty years later, in 2006, Sheen became a major donor and supporter for Aid for AIDS.  And in 2009, he was honored as the Aid for AIDS Angel Award at the 25th Silver Anniversary Reception.

In addition to his financial contributions, the Hollywood star has offered his help in charity and volunteer work to produce funds for other organizations such as Los Angeles’ annual Best in Drag Show. The show raises $250,000 a year for AIDS assistance in the state of California.

While Sheen was supporting HIV and AIDS charities, he ended up contracting the disease a few years ago.

He kept his diagnosis private until Monday when The National Enquirer broke the news of his cover-up scandal.

Sheen admitted during his interview with Matt Lauer that he has paid "upwards of $10 million” in hush-hush settlements.

Even worse, he is accused of exposing many of his sexual partners to the virus.  However, he claimed that is was "impossible" that he knowingly exposed anyone HIV.

Thankfully, his ex-girlfriend Bree Olson announced she is HIV-negative.  Considering Sheen's lengthy list of sexual encounters, we are expecting more women to come forward about their health status throughout the coming weeks.

More than 1.2 million people in the United States are living with either HIV or AIDS.  For more information about the disease or find out how to get tested, contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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