Khloe Kardashian Talks About Her Butt: It Took Years of Work!

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For the past month, every interview with Khloe Kardashian has focused on Lamar Odom's near-fatal overdose.

So perhaps it's a sign that things are getting back to normal that Khloe is now able to discuss the most important thing in the life of any Kardashian - her ass.

Khloe Kardashian Butt Selfie

“I always wanted a great, round butt," Khloe tells New York Magazine in her latest interview. "[Personal trainer Gunnar Peterson] and I, for like two and a half years, we really worked on my butt and strengthening my legs."

Khloe denies getting butt implants and says that she instructed her trainer to focus on her booty during workouts and wound up with a totally sculpted lower body as a result.

We're sure Khloe does in fact go hard in the gym, but it seems like she wants everyone to conveniently forget about the moment a couple years back when she first stepped out with an ass that suddenly rivaled Kim's.

Empires aren't built in a day, and asses upon which empires are built don't spring up overnight.

Sources say Khloe's lost 35 pounds in the past year, and she deserves all the credit in the world for her commitment to health and fitness - but dat ass wasn't created in a gym.

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