Kylie Jenner is Showing Off Her Butt Again

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Kylie Jenner is once again backing her ass up on Instagram.

With her unusually large (and fake) lips having been played out months ago, the 18-year old reality star is now turning her attention toward her impressive rear end.

Kylie Jenner and Her Butt

Kylie has taken to the social media website multiple times over the past few weeks in order to give followers a close-up of her rear end, fighting back against critics who claim it isn't 100% real.

Jenner claims she just wears Spanx a lot, that's why her butt looks so padded.

Sounds familiar? Sounds like another way in which Kylie is trying to emulate half-sister Kim Kardashian, who rose to stardom partly as a result of her impressive derriere?

In Kylie's latest image, she is simply walking around the pool area of her Los Angeles mansion.

She's wearing a sports bra and some tight pants and the photographer (Tyga, we assume) is clearly honed in on her famous buttocks.

Kylie did not include a caption with the snapshot because what is there to say?

Look at me showing off my butt in order to gain attention and prompt gullible fans into signing up for my new website! Only $2.99 for total access!

Yeah. Let's not hold out breath at those words ever being included along with a Kylie Jenner photograph.

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