Guess the Kardashian Bodies: Can You Identify All These Crazy Curves?

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The Kardashians, and Jenners, certainly know a thing or two about flaunting their enviable abs, lips, boobs, butts and more online.

That's like saying they know about breathing.

From Kylie to Kimberly, Kendall to Khloe and even Kris, these people have proven time and again that any exposure is good exposure

But can you tell one from another?

1. This Booty Belongs to ...

This Booty Belongs to ...
Whose cheeks are these? Can you tell based on these selfies?

2. Khloe!

Khloe Kardashian may not know who her biological father is, but she sure puts the ASS in Kardashian! Or she would, if there were an a-s-s in "Kardashian." You get the idea. Booty. That be some serious booty.

3. This Waist Trainer is ...

This Waist Trainer is ...
The Kardashians love their waist training. But who's doing it here?!

4. Kylie!

She can shill for whatever waist training product or regimen she likes, but somehow, we doubt that's what a lot of her Internet fans are interested in here.

5. This Lingerie-Clad Beauty is ...

This Lingerie-Clad Beauty is ...
Racy underwear photos are familiar territory for the whole family. But in this case, the gorgeous young woman posing is ...

6. Kendall!

Not surprising, being the model that she is.

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