Jim Bob Duggar: Buying Josh and Anna Duggar New House to Keep Marriage Intact?!

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Josh Duggar is the epitome of a home wrecker. Jim Bob Duggar hopes to be the reverse, literally. He's buying a home to help save Josh's marriage!

Michelle, Jim Bob, Josh and Anna Duggar

According to reports, the former 19 Kids and Counting star purchased a fancy house that he's going to gift his son, Josh, once he completes rehab.

The Duggar family patriarch threw down $345,000 - which is like $1.5 million in L.A. - on a beautiful brick home just around the corner from his compound.

It's meant to be a present for Josh, who is currently in Christian labor camp slash sex addiction rehab, and his long-suffering put-upon wife Anna.

Obviously, Jim Bob is no fool - well, that's debatable, but for purposes of this conversation - and knows Anna Duggar leaving Josh is a very real possibility.

Anna has reportedly put the couple's home on the market and moved down to Florida, possibly for good, while Josh toils away in an Illinois sex camp.

Sex addiction labor camp, that is. Sex camp is probably what he thought he signed up for back when he threw Danica Dillon around like a rag doll.

ANYWAY, after former child molester Josh admitted to cheating on Anna using shady website Ashley Madison, the mother of four was left reeling.

Insiders say Anna has been in shambles since Josh was exposed, “sleeping in a closet” at her house before pulling up the stakes and heading south.

Is she gone for good? If so, would she consider coming home ... to this home? A hopeful Jim Bob wants "to get her to abandon any idea of divorcing Josh.”

Not exactly a subtle maneuver.

“Jim Bob has hinted to his daughter-in-law Anna that she could get the house,” a source said, adding, “offering Anna the home is just a ploy."

“Nothing is set in stone concerning the new house yet but it’s clear the home is being dangled in front of Anna so she doesn’t pull the plug."

Girl. Don't fall for it.

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