Danica Dillon: Josh Duggar Paid Me For Sex, "Manhandled" and Verbally Abused Me!

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Josh Duggar's alleged mistress Danica Dillon is speaking out again, revealing the details of what she says were two intense sexual encounters.

Ones he paid for, and made sure she'll never forget ... not in a good way.

Josh Duggar Cheated
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The 28-year-old Dillon took and passed a lie detector test for this story.

Is that 100 percent reliable? We don't know, but it's worth noting that this is her real story, and just from an "anonymous insider" quoted by In Touch.

Danica Dillon (real name Ashley Lewis) said she was working as a stripper at Philadelphia’s Gold Club this past March when she met Josh Duggar.

All the while, his long-suffering pregnant wife Anna had no idea.

“He walked in like a normal patron and said he’d been a fan for a long time and has watched my career grow," Dillon, who has dabbled in porn, said.

"He even said [he'd seen me] from before my boob job until recently, and that he loved watching my very first scene. Then it got creepy.”

After shelling out around $600 in lap dances, the cheating porn addict propositioned Danica for sex, asking her, “What would it take?”

After Josh sealed the deal with a $1,500 offer, Dillon said they had sex ... and he was so rough with her, the experience “was terrifying.”

“He was manhandling me, basically tossing me around like I was a rag doll,” she said of getting railed by Josh while Anna was pregnant.

“It was very traumatic.”

Dillon said he “started talking dirty” to her, but to the point of being verbally offensive, saying, “‘Come on, be a good, dirty little [bleep].'”

Duggar also put his hands around her neck as he spewed out vile sexual talk ... then shafted her $500 from the initial agreed-upon fee.

Keep it classy, Josh.

Nevertheless, she banged him a second time after he tracked her down at the Creekside Cabaret in Colmar, Pa., one month later.

Wait until you read this:

"Josh walked up with photos of me from scenes I’d done ... from my cute and innocent-looking days when I was 22 but looked 15."

"He asked me to sign them."

This was April. Only a few weeks later, the whole world would learn that Josh molested his own sisters when he was a teenage boy.

Duggar propositioned Dillon for sex, and after she was hesitant given the last time, he promised “be more gentle” and pay in full.

Dillon kept a phone by the bed, though, just in case; Duggar was less physically aggressive, albeit still verbally abusive, she recalls.

With the revelations of Josh Duggar using Ashley Madison, Danica predicts more stories of Duggar’s depraved sexual antics to come.

“I think that after I come out, there will probably be plenty more girls after me,” Dillon said. “I actually really hope that his wife leaves him."

“I do not see Josh as a good man in anyway. I believe he has some really deep, dark hidden secrets that he needs to seek help for.”

"Now that I’m aware of his relations with his sisters, I feel disgusting myself. I in no way, shape or form, condone incest ... it’s disgusting.”

No arguments there.

As for whether his wife would actually pull the trigger on a divorce, don't bet on it. Anna Duggar is fully, permanently committed to him, even.


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