Jessie James Decker Shows Off Post-Baby Body, Aims to Inspire Other Mothers

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Six weeks after welcoming a baby girl into the world, Jessie James Decker has taken to Instagram to show off her post-baby body.

But not for the reason you may think.

Jessie James Decker Post-Baby Body

Unlike Kim Kardashian or other famous mothers who take pride in how quickly they lose weight after giving birth, the singer shared this photo to thank fans for their support... but also to inspire other moms around the world.

“I don't want to mislead any mommy's who just had babies and are stressing,” Decker wrote as part of a long caption, adding:

“I am still 15 pounds away from what I was originally before I got pregnant with Vivianne.

"I take occasional walks but haven't done anything yet to try and lose weight and am in no rush!"

Earlier this month, Decker also shared a beautiful photo of her breastfeeding her child.

She wants to help normalize that important act, while also helping fellow mothers relax about their own figures in the aftermath of becoming a parent.

“Nursing mamas should def not try and do any severe diets or milk supply will run low," she also wrote on Instagram.

"My tummy is still swollen and you can see my c-section scar and pooch! I had another due to my 9 lb. baby and petite frame.

"So no rushing and no stressing about losing weight!”

Just a few days ago, another famous mom made another strong statement, though for an unfortunate reason:

Hayden Panettiere entered a treatment program for postpartum depression.

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