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Earlier this month, we reported that Carole Middleton got noticeably drunk while attending a rugby match at London’s Twickenham Stadium.

A single instance of Carole knocking back one pint too many is amusing. Unfortunately, sources are now claiming that it happens quite often and that Duchess Kate often cringes in embarrassment at her mother’s sloshed behavior.

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“It seems to be happening a lot lately,” a source tells Star magazine.

“It’s a huge concern for Kate. She’ll hide her booze at her house, but mom just brings her own! Last Christmas, Carole had too much to drink and started telling totally inappropriate jokes.

"Kate was so humiliated that she finally had to drag her away. She told her mom if she doesn’t straighten up, she’ll be banned from all royal events.”

Of course, if Kate is really so concerned, she should probably stop quietly ushering her mom out of the room and start taking her to meetings.

We know Kate has two kids and a whole heap of royal obligations to work with, but certainly her siblings should have time to help their mum get off the sauce, right?

Pippa can’t keep a job, and James seems to devote most of his time to beard maintenance. Then again, those two might be a big of why Carole is getting snockered on a regular basis.