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Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher have gone from NBA teammates to rivals.

And not because their teams are battling for a playoff spot or anything.

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Multiple sources have confirmed that Barnes, a small forward on the Memphis Grizzlies who recently lied about a Rihanna relationship, got into a fight this weekend with Fisher, the head coach of the New York Knicks.

And the source of their contention was none other than Gloria Govan.

The Basketball Wives cast member held a party on Saturday night, one attended by Fisher, who filed for divorce from his wife in March and who is believed to now be taking it to the hole with Govan (if you know what we mean!).

“Barnes was in Santa Barbara and heard that Fisher was in his house. He went crazy," an insider tells The New York Post.

"He got in his car and went to the house and went after Fisher.”

For the record, that means Barnes drove 95 miles specifically to "beat the sh-t" out of Fisher, as explained by another source.

He apparently succeeded, though Fisher does not plan on pressing charges and will not address the incident in public.

"Personal and private matters will remain private," he told reporters politely prior to a Knicks preseason game on Monday.

Hmm. Perhaps this is actually a keen strategy by Derek Fisher:

Distract the media from how terrible his allegedly professional basketball team is by shifting national attention to his personal life instead.

If so, is it too early to award him NBA Coach of the Year?