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Matt Barnes has been served.


Rihanna is Hot
Barnes screen cap

The professional basketball player was recently asked by TMZ about his relationship with Rihanna, telling the website that he has gone on "two dates fairly recently" with the smokin hot singer.

Could there be a romantic future between the stars?

"Rihanna’s my friend right now, so we’ll see where it goes," the Memphis Grizzlies small forward said. "I think it’s just past the crush stage, just a little bit."

But Rihanna begs to differ.

In response to Barnes’ interview, the artist shared a screen capture of Barnes talking to TMZ (above, right) on her Instagram page… and then put the baller on major blast via a handful of hashtags.

"#bishwhere #thedevilisaliar #shesnotthatintoyou #shesnotintoyouatall #shesneverevenmetyou #thisactuallyhurtmyfeelings #defamationofcharacter," she captioned the picture.

Game. Set. Match, Rihanna, wouldn’t you agree?

There’s been legitimate talk of Rihanna dating Lewis Hamilton these days (those two have actually been seen together), though her relationship with the racecar driver has not been confirmed either.

And we do get where Barnes is coming from.

Have you seen this video of Rihanna Twerking in Barbados? Who would NOT want to tap that?!?

Still. Matt Barnes should stick to doling out cheap shots on the basketball court and missing many three-pointers.