Bill Cosby to FINALLY Face Criminal Rape Charges?

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Earlier today, three more women came forward to claim that they were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby, thus bringing the total number of accusers to 50.

Despite the wealth of evidence against him, Cosby has thus far been able to avoid prosecution, as the majority of the accusers came forward after the statute of limitations for the alleged crimes had expired.

However, a woman named Chloe Goins says she was sexually assaulted by Cosby during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008, which could spell trouble for the legendary TV dad. 

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California has a ten year statute of limitations for rape (other forms of sexual misconduct carry shorter statutes), so if it turns out that Goins case fits the definition of rape, Cosby may finally be forced to stand trial.

The LAPD has been investigating Goins' claims since January, and moments ago, TMZ reported that the case was turned over to the DA, who will now decide whether or not to press charges.

The fact that the results are being turned over the the DA means there's a good chance that police found evidence that could result in Cosby being prosecuted.

The 78-year-old comic was likely prepared for this possibility, as he seems to have been mounting a defense for several months.

Shortly after Goins went public, Cosby claimed he wasn't even at the Playboy Mansion on the night in question.

Shortly thereafter, his attorneys reportedly asked Hugh Hefner for information on Goins.

It may be several weeks before we find out if the case will go to trial, but it certainly sounds as though Cosby's team is running scared. 

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