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Star magazine isn’t always the most trustworthy tabloid (enter joke about "trustworthy tabloid" being an oxymoron), but their latest cover makes a pretty compelling case for the claim Khloe Kardashian has had a lot of work done.

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In fact, the tabloid claims that Khloe has invested $3 million in changing her appearance. The procedures she’s reportedly undergone include a nose job, breast implants, butt life, liposuction, and even lap band surgery to ensure that the weight stays off.

That’s a lot of cash to spend on altering one’s appearance, but Khloe has complained in the past about the difficulties of being considered "the ugly Kardashian," and she certainly has the money, so…more power to her?

It’s tough to reconcile the idea of Khloe feeling compelled to change her face and body so much with the image we have of Khloe as the confident, brassy sister, but you can never underestimate the pressure of being in the limelight 24/7.

We know from the frequency of Khloe’s gym selfies that she works out a lot (or at least puts a lot of effort into making us think that she works out a lot), so at least some of the transformation is natural, but it’s hard to look at those before and after pics above and think that she hasn’t had at least a little help from a surgeon.

Hey, if it makes her feel better, we’re happy for her. But hopefully Khloe knows when to call it quits when it comes to going under the knife.