Bill Cosby to Hugh Hefner: Got Anything on Chloe Goins?!

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Bill Cosby is gunning for ammunition against Chloe Goins, one of dozens of sexual assault accusers but one who has indicated that she will press charges.

At a news conference yesterday, Goins' attorney indicated that the accuser believes the alleged assault by Cosby took place within the statute of limitations.

As a result, she is pursuing a criminal case, and Cosby appears to be bracing for the worst case scenario and gearing up for a protracted legal battle.

Cosby's attorneys want to turn the Playboy Mansion upside down, and are asking Hugh Hefner for anything that could help him take down Goins.

Chloe filed criminal charges against the comedian for an alleged 2008 incident at the Mansion, claiming that Cosby was masturbating and sucking her toes.

Sources inside the Mansion say Cosby's lawyers are going on the offensive, wanting to know if Hef's security team has surveillance footage from that night.

They are also looking for the names of any Playboy employees, staff or guests who may have seen Cosby and Goins ... and then there's this twist:

Cosby's attorneys are asking Hef if there are other accusers planning on coming forward with similar allegations, to the Playboy founder's knowledge.

Hefner stopped short of throwing Bill under the bus when this story broke last month, but didn't offer a full-throated defense of his famous guest either.

It's unclear what Hef and his staff know, or can find out, because 2008 is still awhile ago, even if it's more recent than most of Cosby's alleged rapes/assaults.

As for whether Goins waited too long to go to the police, expect Cosby's lawyers to try and make that argument, but Chloe feels she has legal standing.

Stay tuned.

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