Chloe Goins: Model to Press Charges Against Bill Cosby For Alleged Toe Sucking Incident

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More than two dozen woman have now accused Bill Cosby of some form of sexual misconduct, but almost all of the alleged incidents took place several decades ago.

That dates of the alleged incidents are significant, as most fall outside of the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes.

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The majority of the women who have accused Cosby reported that he victimized them in the 70s or 80s, which means that even if he was somehow proven guilty, there would be no way to convict him.

Model Chloe Goins, however, claims that Cosby drugged her and licked her toes during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

Thus far, Goins may be the only Cosby accuser who would be able to file criminal charges against the disgraced comic, and TMZ is reporting that she plans to do so today.

In California, the statute of limitations for all sexual assault crimes outside of rape is six years.

Thus, many have taken the news that Goins intends to file a report with the LAPD today as a sign that she's changed her story and now intends to accuse Cosby of rape.

Goins' lawyer, Spencer Kuvins, has stated that he intends to meet with investigators and encourage them to conduct a full investigation.

"I'm told there are cameras all over [the Playboy Mansion]," says Kuvins. "Including in several bedrooms."

Cosby is currently on a comedy tour, but several dates have been canceled as a result of the allegations against him. Cosby drew criticism last week when he joked about the accusations while on stage.

Experts say that if Goins and the LAPD proceed with the charges against him, Cosby could be arrested as early as this week.

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