Scott Disick: WASTED Leaving Hollywood Club! WATCH!

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Breaking news: Scott Disick got drunk last night!

Okay, so that's not exactly a shocker, but it's a bit surprising to see that the Lord is getting this royally wrecked even as he fights for the right to unsupervised visits with his kids:

It's possible that Scott was celebrating the fact that he reached a custody agreement with Kourtney Kardashian, but he's got a long way to go if he wants to spend time with his children without another adult on hand to make sure he stays sober, and behavior like this ain't helping.

As you can see in the video, Scott was so hammered he didn't know which car - or set of groupies - belonged to him.

Maybe you've been so drunk that you didn't recognize your own ride home. But have you ever gotten so drunk that you picked up three girls for an orgy and then completely forgot about it a few minutes later?

If you have, your name is probably Scott Disick, and you should really stop reading this and check into rehab immediately.

Of course, Disick has already been to rehab several times, and it obviously didn't have much of an effect.

Still, sources close to the Kardashian clan, say that Kourtney will only consent to unsupervised visits if Scott sobers up for good, so we're guessing we'll see another attempt at detoxing in the near future.

Hopefully, Scott will have better luck this time.

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