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Lindsay Lohan’s life is essentially one big delusional lie. Most of the time it’s sad, but occasionally, it’s hilarious.

Take, for example, the time Lindsay danced on a yacht and posted video of it online, even though her moves bring to mind those inflatable tube men you see on used car lots.

And of course, there are the many, many Lindsay Lohan Photoshop fails.

The girl is worse at re-touching than she is at being sober, and yet, she continues to make the most laughable attempts at altering her own selfies.

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Check out the two pics above and try to guess which one is ‘shopped.

Okay, it’s probably both of them, but the answer we were looking for is the one one the left. The other one is just there because boobs.

The horrendously bad photoshopping is funny (Check out the way the curtains conform to Lindsay’s curves.), but the caption makes it pure gold:

"I love my waist just the way it is," Lindsay writes. "Love yourself and be kind and you shall succeed no matter what. Be Strong inside (in everyday/ man or woman lol)"

  1. We’re not even sure what that parenthetical part means.
  2. Is she literally joking? This feels like an Amy Schumer sketch where a drug-addled starlet posts an obviously edited photo along with a caption about the importance of self-acceptance.

It’s entirely possible we’re being trolled here, and if that’s the case, we tip our hats to LiLo. Sadly, the much more likely possibility is that this is further evidence of the fact that Photoshop and a liter of Smirnoff don’t mix.