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It’s finally official, people.

Yes, Kourtney Kardashian dumped Scott Disick many months ago. And, no, there have been no signs since that the stars will get back together.

But the celebrity gossip rumor mill is always churning and anonymous sources have been quoted here and there, implying there was a possibility for reconciliation here.

A source tells Us Weekly, however, that Kourtney and Scott are "amicable for their kids,” but:

Kourtney is officially done.

Kardashian has no interest in taking Disick back, the tabloid adds, explaining that she’s focusing on her three children (Mason, 5, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 9 months) and that her life is headed in the "right direction."

The same can’t exactly be said of Disick.

He was recently spotted out wasted, stumbling around outside a Hollywood club.

It was this sort of irresponsible behavior that prompted Kourtney to dump Disick in the first place.

“Scott misses his family, but it’s not enough to motivate him to change," the magazine writes. “He doesn’t have the constitution to cure himself of his issues."

In other words: Disick may be an alcoholic and is in need of some serious help.

Kourtney, however, has a different agenda in her future.

“Kourtney’s dedicated to getting in shape,” the insider concludes. "She’s embracing being a sex symbol again!"