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A 24-year-old Florida man is under arrest for murdering his girlfriend after she called out her former husband’s name during sex … twice.

Fidel Lopez

Police in Sunrise, Fla., arrested Fidel Lopez and allege that he disemboweled Maria Nemeth, 31, last weekend, pulling her intestines out.

According to the report, Lopez admits he turned into a "monster."

Nemeth had called out her ex’s name two times as the couple was allegedly having alcohol-fueled, "rough sex" in their apartment’s closet.

Lopez allegedly told the cops that Nemeth was so drunk that she passed out, after which he mutilated her body, to the point of her demise.

Fidel later tried waking her up, bringing her into their bathroom to splash water on her face, but she never regained consciousness.

At that point, he told detectives he washed the blood from his hands so he could smoke a cigarette out on the apartment’s balcony.

He returned to find Nemeth not breathing, and called 911.

When cops arrived, they found Lopez laying next to his girlfriend, crying, along with what appeared to be signs of a violent struggle.

Detectives also discovered "lots of blood" and "chunks of bloody tissue" strewn throughout the couple’s apartment, the report states.

Charged with first-degree murder, he is being held without bail.