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Miranda Kerr has had a bit of a weird week. 

Yesterday, it was reported that Taylor Swift tried to convince Miranda that Evan Spiegel is cheating on her

Now, Miranda has decided to turn things around by single-handedly creating the most effective advertisement for sneakers in the history of mankind.

Miranda Kerr: Nude on Instagram

Yes. Miranda has partnered with Reebok, and though you can barely see the shoes in this pic, for some reason, we feel compelled to buy 18 pairs.

Somewhere, Don Draper is guzzling a liter of Canadian Club and wondering how he can get on Miranda’s level.

It’s miraculous that Miranda has recovered from banging Justin Bieber and found her way back into our good graces, but a little well-placed nudity will do that.

We don’t think there’s any question that this is the best sneaker endorsement since Michael Jordan’s.

In fact, if there’s anything else Miranda wants to sell us, now would be the time:

Arsenic-infused mineral water, a hair transplant from Donald Trump, tickets of bus tour of areas controlled by ISIS – we’ll take ’em all!

Oh, and she could get someone to punch Bieber again, that would be cool too. We know she’s not American, but we should probably just go ahead and put her face on money. She’s done so much for us all.