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It’s been one week since the startling revelation that Christine Ouzounian dated Ben Affleck at some point first surfaced on the Internet.

It’s still unclear if they hooked up while Ben was still with his wife or held off until he was separated, but we now know one thing for sure:

Ben dumped the fame-hungry nanny like a bad habit!

Christine Ouzounian Image
Surprised Ben Affleck
(Brian To/

We know this because Christine decided to cope with her "PR crisis" by checking into the wildly expensive Hotel Bel Air, hanging out poolside in a bikini, and openly discussing her failed relationship with friends.

“Christine was skimming through a number of articles about her and Ben on her phone, and she was even admiring photos of herself taken on the street by the paparazzi,” a witness tells Star magazine.

“Then she got a phone call from a friend, and the conversation seemed to turn directly to Affleck."

The eavesdropper says Christine then addressed the rumors that she was caught having sex with Affleck during a family vacation in the Bahamas.

“Without mentioning Ben by name, Christine said, ‘I didn’t want to go to the Bahamas, but he really wanted me to,’” the source claims.

"When Christine was done with her phone call, she turned to the girlfriend who was with her by the pool, and they both started laughing. I guess she can’t be too distraught over what’s been happening,"

It seems that Christine desperately wants to be famous, and she sees her brief fling with Ben as her ticket to stardom.

Is being "overheard" in public her way of getting around the gag order Affleck and Garner made her sign before she was hired?

We don’t know, but we can assure you this woman won’t be going away any time soon.

Last we heard, Ouzounian is planning to sue Garner for wrongful dismissal. We doubt she really expects to win any money, but she’ll probably manage to extend her 15 minutes.