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Yes, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up several times in the past, but at this point, they’ve been apart for so long that we’re willing guess they’ll stay that way. 

Selena has most definitely moved on and seems to be enjoying the single life. She was briefly linked to DJ/producer Zedd, and now there are rumors of Selena dating Ed Sheeran.

The Biebs, of course, is still neck-deep in lingerie models. That’s nothing new. What is new, however, is the fact that Justin actually took a break from all his swaggy banging to record some new music! 

Bieber teased a new single called “What Do You Mean?” and it’s a big moment for fans (and for the Biebs’ career), as he hasn’t released any new studio music in three years!

At the moment, however, many Beliebers are more interested in dissecting the singer’s recent interview with Ryan Seacrest than in waiting for the song to drop on August 28.

Justin Bieber Previews New Single, Music

Is Justin subtly dissing Selena? That’s the theory being bandied about by many fans and websites, and it’s not hard to see why:

“Girls are often flip-floppy,” Bieber told Seacrest “They say something and they mean something else. So … what do you mean? I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking.”

Considering Justin’s really only been in one serious relationship, we think it’s safe to say he’s talking about Selena when he complains of a communication breakdown.

Here’s hoping she responds with a diss track of her own. A Selena-Justin beef would be the gift that keeps on giving.